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Biden, in many ways, is in tune with the generations that proceeded his and remains very astute. I think it has to do with the person, not so much the age.If Biden does not run then we’ll end with another bad choice (Hillary A lot of people did not like her and she got the democratic nomination) or Bernie Sanders. If Biden is chosen, let him pick a younger, more diverse candidate for his Yoga weed Namastay High AF shirt. Youth and enthusiasm is great, but it is necessary to have a candidate who knows how government is supposed to work.Restoration of democracy, gutted federal departments, environmental regulations, and the destroyed stature of the presidency. I think someone like Joe will be best as the mess Don Dorito leaves will take an experienced head to tackle. It is not what wins elections Keep your eye on the prize Joe Biden is the only viable option.Leave the presidency for the seasoned politicians that know how to get things done. Biden Beto or Biden Harris will pulverize Putin’s puppet and send the deplorable dust to the oblivious of American history. I appreciate the change that the progressive Democrats want but we cannot risk another Yoga weed Namastay High AF shirt of Trump.

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Limited edition

If he’s in good health, he should not be dissuaded because of his valuable life experience. Trust me he is the only one that stands a chance against that mobster. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the only candidate with enough experience to get us out of this mess. What we should do is find the next generation individual to be his VP. Assuming Trump actually leaves office after being voted out in 2020, we’ll need someone with significant experience to reestablish our relationships with our allies, and between factions domestically. They NEED to WIN for the sake of all of us and Biden may have a real chance to have the job done. Although the Democrats need to think in its future as a party this is not the Yoga weed Namastay High AF shirt for eccentricity or political creativity. An older person will be more experienced and wise to rule than younger people until provided other wise. With all due respect, this opinion is plain wrong at several levels and for multiple reasons.


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