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Supernatural is a story about destroying monsters, eliminating demons, opposing angels and repeatedly saving the world from the destruction of two Winchester brothers named Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). After many death and rebirth, going to hell and heaven, the 13th season is followed by the 12th season from the birth of Jack – Lucifer’s son, carrying a cross between angels and humans.

Castiel is dead, Mary (mother of Dean and Sam) is trapped in a world other than Lucifer, but the two cousins still cannot rest or grieve for long because they have to watch out for their newly born child. by Lucifer. Like it or not, the Winchester brothers also became the arresting guards for Jack. Throughout the thirteenth season is Jack’s adult journey, his quest to find a way to the parallel world living in the dark days of the apocalypse and the conspiracy of invasion from the great angel Michael.


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Men's T-Shirt front

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Source: birthday


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