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Xpsclothing Fashion LLC.“This look was one of my Xpsclothing Fashion LLCs because of how impactful, bold and surreal the makeup was. Since the entire outfit was black, we thought it really made sense to bring a pop of color onto the face but still incorporate the black on the arms with painted-on gloves. I do a great deal of body painting in my work, so it was a really cool opportunity to incorporate that.” PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 01: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY – For Non-Editorial use please seek approval from Fashion House) Xpsclothing Fashion LLC attends the Vivienne Westwood Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 01, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

Lucky dental hygienist celebrating St.Patrick's day shamrock shirt

In response to social media criticism for her artistic makeup choices (and shortly after defending her buzzcut), Xpsclothing Fashion LLC openly discussed how the makeup wasn’t meant to be “sexy or attractive.” Charleston supports her distinctive voice—and the movement. “Personally, I am so tired of watching the general public try to tear down any woman or femme that doesn’t conform to traditional beauty standards,” she says. “It’s flat-out misogynistic, reductive, and so harmful, as our beauty ‘standards’ have always been shaped and molded to appease the male gaze. Do I think that you can be expressive in the world of traditional beauty? Yes, 100%. But once you let yourself go from some of these rigorously normative expectations, you just begin to explore the countless possibilities that exist when using makeup as a tool for artistic expression.” To Charleston, the face is the world’s most unique canvas.

Lucky dental hygienist celebrating St.Patrick's day shamrock s hoodie

If you dip into the archives, it’s clear Princess Di had much to offer by way of hair inspiration, and was ultimately a study in the power of a life-changing cut. While a young Lady Diana Spencer once embraced long, pin-straight flaxen lengths, when she entered the public eye at 19 she debuted what would become The Lady Diana Haircut, a youthful riff on Farrah Fawcett’s winged hair with a cascade of cropped, cheekbone-cutting and chin-grazing layers. The ’80s saw her oscillating between different iterations of her hallmark look with varying amounts of va-va-voom volume, as well as dramatic accessories, such as sparkling brooches, decorative florals, and, of course, diamond tiaras. There was but one exception: In 1984, she let her lengths grow just long enough to smooth them back with a preppy Sloane Ranger hair comb, her hair parted deep to one side in true ’40s-meets-’80s Xpsclothing Fashion LLC. Needless to say, she inspired thousands, if not millions of women across the globe to embrace abbreviated cuts with soft, sideswept bangs worn loose or teased up with blasts of Aqua Net to gravity-defying effect.

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