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I now intend to message this MORON Jeff Peterson, and tell him how disgusting his remark is…anybody with me…?  Dean Smith is the greatest coach. I did’nt know Tarheel basketball when I moved to N.C..I was hooked after a couple of games. He is a true teacher and a roll model. Happy Birthday Coach Smith, from a Tarheel that was there for Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Jimmy Black and the entire ’82 Championship Season! You are truly a coach and a man to be admired. One of the Greats ALL TIME! When they won back in ’82, I actually bought a UNC basketball tee shirt. I don’t buy many such shirts even with a big Orange T on them. Could you only imagine what his #’s would be had he not retired early….GREATNESS an the some!!!Happy BIRTHDAY Coach Dean Smith!!! Everyone knows I’m not a Carolina fan (my family’s fault…lol), but have great respect for such a legend. Happy Birthday Dean Smith! His birthday is actually Feb. 28, 1931! But I guess the football tutors must have posted this! They are usually 6 months off!  I cursed that man many a game in Reynolds in the late 70’s.
The Heels and the Pack with Storming Norman had some great battles during that era.

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But a great coach indeed. Thought the same thing when I saw the State game the same day. Money talks and we know the rest. The defense has played its best two games of the season by far the last two games. Keep up to good work nephew ,you will soon be going to the NFL love you guys Auntie Bertha.  Which off the wall non-traditional uniforms will they use this year? Blaze Orange, Yellow, maybe purple? Keep it classy, keep it traditional #Blue&White. Although the Carolina Blue is always looking good,I’m not a fan of the black either.Right now I just want to see them play!I hope we get to see the Chrome helmets with the Tar Heel logo on the side.Maybe for a big game!!!GO HEELS!!!!! Love the Heels, but just can’t get excited about their out of conference schedule. I wouldn’t go see them play Liberty if you gave me a ticket.  I’m a die hard tar heel fan but I don’t care who wins because one of my best friends tht I graduated with this year plays for Liberty…. James Passmore do good bro.

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