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Tom Brady torched that pathetic secondary with Vote For Pedro Shirt at age 40. Your SB win came down to time of possession and whose defense sucks more tbh. Don’t tell me you weren’t trembling in your boots in those final two minutes LOL. Patriots o-line played phenomenal for the first time all year in the SB, and shut down your “all-time great d-line”. It just so happened that the strip sack occurred on the play the line took a break on. I’m okay with accepting defeat, but don’t act like the eagles were at a clear disadvantage because they weren’t. They played a New England defense that ranks at bottom in yards given up and 3rd down efficiency. Jake Prus Whatever helps you sleep at night. This is why more people wanted to see the patriots lose than the eagles win, their fan base is obnoxious when they win the Super Bowl and full of excuses when they don’t… Marc Fryling, whatever helps me sleep at night lol? You have the 2nd most pathetic fan base in the world outside of yankee fans. Trust me… your team won’t be back next year.  So he’s going to get hurt and his replacement will lead the Celtics to 9 million championships? Drew Bledsoe much he needed a transfusion. Lol

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Who remembers that old Sportscenter commercial? Drew Bledsoe was the man. If he would have never got hurt Tom Brady would have never saw the field. Bump Tom Brady.  Terry Rozier is not thinking, wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey in Boston, over Tom Brady. Bout time SOMEONE in that city recognized the REAL G.O.A.T. of the Patriots! Dont he know we just beat the pats in the super bowl he is already on his way to the losers seat.  Pedro if you never seen him play and you call yourself a pats fan it’s more than likely you’re a bandwagon. All nice and dandy!!! It’s not even football season , idc how much money you have. Joey Cuellar I’m from Massachusetts, I’ve got family in Texas though! Boston is the underdog of the playoffs the pressure is on everyone else. Go Celtics! When Boston makes the NBA Finals and loses to the whoever comes out of the West. Absolute monster throwback how do you not appreciate something so beautiful. Chris Puzzo because he already won and Bledsoe gave him props. Focus on philly. He should have worn this last series. Idk it’s still relevant . It would’ve been too “cocky” for him to have done before he dominated the game but now it’s petty afterwards? The man can’t win lol. Wait what happened? I didn’t know there was significance behind it.  Dude where were you last week lol. He accidentally called eric Bledsoe “drew Bledsoe” and it pissed off eric. Then eric pretended to not even know who Terry was or acknowledge him at all in the series, even though he was beating his Vote For Pedro Shirt. It was their whole feud last series. Oh ok that’s what started it ya I knew about that but I didn’t know he called him that lmao. That was a killer’s walk. He put his money where his mouth was also. Have to like him. Nice, I love the touch with the hoodie too. Not showing his name for those in the nose bleed seats lol. ust don’t understand why he wore it tonight and not during the other series  ??‍♀️ suuuuure show up to the series against the city that just beat the teams Jersey your wearing in the SuperBowl . Bandwagon Pats fans be like, “ooh! A throwback Julian Edelman jersey!” Might not be Bucks shot more like Kyrie your time is over. I can see him wanting out after next year if he keeps playing like this.  I see a lot of trending shirts in these comments.

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