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I finally purchased the Simon Miller Bubble clogs. I needed a transitional shoe between boots and sandals, so I figured these would suit that perfectly. Inspired by the black jewelry trays here at (our accessories in the fashion closet are organized in black velveteen trays), I picked up these modular, stackable trays at the Container Store. I was looking for something to house my expansive vintage earring collection and found just what I was looking for�a tray with little cubbies to store pairs of earrings. The brand Stackers has really thought of something for everything�from sunglasses to ring storage. I opted for nothing with a lid (it was important for me to mix and match and stack how I please!) and picked up about a half a dozen trays. I loved them so much that I went back the next day and picked up another six for my boyfriend’s tie and cufflinks collection. Did I mention how chic they look.

This Girl Loves Her Pedro Pascal Signature shirt

I’ve been in full-on spring refresh mode these last few weeks and eager to shop some new transitional pieces I can frequently rotate throughout my wardrobe this season. Although us New Yorkers are still facing some wind chills (spring can be such a tease!), I’m eyeing fuss-free minidresses that I can finally debut when the weather’s right. This Apiece Apart dress was a must-have once I saw the sweet florals, tonal hues, and cozy layering trick. For an update to the classic staple, I’ve been also shopping for roomy jeans that give some stretch, but also maintain their original shape. This true blue pair is sustainable and comfy!

This Girl Loves Her Pedro Pascal Signature s Sweater den vice

And it’s not just our closets that are getting spring makeovers. My colleague Julie Tong is doing a little spring cleaning with crisp white sheets from Parachute. And Michella Or� is transitioning her beauty routine with lightweight products perfect for warmer weather. Find those, and more cool things to buy, ahead. I’ve always loved a slinky maxi skirt and given that they were all over the runways for fall, I have every excuse to get a head start right now. J6, a new label by designer James Garland, is my new obsession. He makes an exquisite version with tiny buttons running up and down one leg�it’s sexy but can be adjusted coordinating to the wearer/milieu. It also comes with a button-up asymmetric top that is just as cool.

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