Top Trending Shirts On Moteefe On 2019/11/17


Silly as hell that so many people missed the Top Trending Shirts On Moteefe On 2019/11/17 in the story where it says the kids shot first. I teens were armed. They fired the  first shots. They knew the risks. You play adult games, you win adult prizes.Read the article people. This article is by Christina of it.  She referred to the three attempted robbers as victims. They just had to throw the assault rifle witness statement in there too. I’m at its finest feeding its sheep.

Adidas Bob Marley And The Wailers Shirt

Angry Women Yelling at Confused cat at Dinner Table Meme Funny Vintage Sweater

Angry women yelling at confused cat at dinner table meme vintage Sweater

Killing tomorrow’s trophies today Shirt

Mike’s diner dumbo gumbo LSU Tigers 11-9-19 Alabama Crimson Tide Shirt

Montreal Canadiens The Good Boston Bruins The Bad Toronto Maple Leafs The Ugly Shirt


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