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You seriously are a greedy idiot who will beg for funds on behalf of a dying person and use most of the money on yourself because you worked hard for it.  At the end of the day, I would rather give directly to a local charity where I know it does actually make a difference rather than some huge corporation. I never give to the major charities because more often than not clever accounting and hidden problems come of out the Top Hot Shirt On Moteefe On 2019/11/17. Maybe I’m a cynic but I would rather help locally, support locally and buy locally  and yes I have a disabled child so I do know a bit about what I am saying. I have worked for an organisation that benefitted from Children in Need! The youngsters I worked with were glad of this fundraiser Despite all the negative comments this charity does amazing work for children. I don’t know how true the comments of high salaries is, but I do know a lot of children would be worse off without it.


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