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Top 1: Dracarys shirt (Game of Thrones season 7) shirt from myfrogtee

Did you catch that game-changer of a reveal Gilly dropped in between Citadel steps and questions about annulments? Do you know what exactly was on that paper Arya found What did you make of episode five? (Caution: full of spoilers if you are watching the series but yet to see this episode). This week’s “Dracarys shirt” had less dragonfire, but more planning, plotting and potentially game-changing revelations.

Top 2: Targaryen Drogon Dracarys Jurassic Park shirt

There’s no way on any part of the universe would I be caught at Targaryen Drogon Dracarys Jurassic Park shirt. Like, what’s a better survival plan than utterly refusing to go because there’s a muh fucking park… with muh fucking actual dinosaurs. No. Just hell no. But for argument’s sake, let’s say I’m a 10 year old that wants to go on a field trip there or whatever. Son, MY. MOM. WOULD. NOT.

Top 2 Dracarys shirt (Game of Thrones)
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