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We just got back from the 3D showing.I am happy to say Marvel knocked it out of the park with Thanos. A complex character indeed. Not your typical super villain. I remember feeling the same way when I read the first infinity war comics arc back in the 90’s. A love to hate, sympathetic character. His idealogy sort of makes sense, doesnt mean it’s the right thing to do, but still it’s not completely mad. Great job by the writers capturing his essence. Do yourselves a favor and go see it on the big screen. My thoughts on Avengers Infinity War. So im gonna start by saying I really enjoyed Thanos Was Right T Shirt  as the villain. I understood his reasoning for why he felt what he was doing was right. I dont agree with it but I get it. The action in this movie was really good as well. The CGI/Special effects is great. As someone who read the comic this is based on I thought the ending was perfect. Shocking but perfect. All my negatives are mostly nitpicks that aren’t worth mentioning expect one. There was a scene transition that I felt was fast and forced. Its obvious that they took a scene out the movie so they could rush to the next action scene. Despite my nitpicks that I did have I would have to say this is still really good. Not my movie of the year so far but its in the top 5 easy. 8.8 out of 10. Infinity War is life right now. So is Fortnight. This is what happens when two Titans of industry ( pun intended) understand the shifting state of media and how to arbitrage attention. If you don’t get why this is brilliant business and branding, I don’t know what to do for you.

Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top And Sweater For Men And Woman

decapitating his arm in the process then picking up the decapitated arm and slapping Thano’s across the face with it.

Thanos Was Right Tank Top

Tank Top

Thanos Was Right Ladies V Neck

Ladies V Neck

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Youth Tee

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