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Overpopulation the problem? Not quite. Inefficient allocation of resources and waste is more of a Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt. Thanos is the universes gardener. When a garden gets overgrown it need pruning. Although the universe is infinite and so there will always be more than enough resources forever.  Now what would have happened if Thanos used the gauntlet to wipe out half the universes population, only for himself to be included in the half that died. Who would have really won . If he was right he would have killed off the weak so the strong could survive and thrive. Superheroes especially wouldnt have died off they should have been kept alive to breed more superheroes and thrive. Thats why i like magneto from the comics so much. Its time for homo sapien superior. Yes, humans are the biggest problem to this world. At 9 billion and counting, it is unsustainable for existence. What do humans do when there’s an over population of an animal? They call it pests and start to eradicate them. So why are humans exempt? Idon’t suggest to depopulate by these means, but control population numbers such as new births.

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I’m surprised that a movie made people aware of this issue, yet not see it happening right in front of them.

I really hope we don’t achieve colonies on other planets by then, cause at that point it would be an unstoppable plague. Kazi Zucca where do we say “as long as it isn’t me”? It’s stupid like you that jump to conclusions, that are the problem in society. We talk about humans as a funny shirt, which is me included you dumb fuck lol. David Quek hahaha this is coming from coward troll.

Bill Gates is one of many, do some researching you dumb fuck.  I really liked Thanos. Its refreshing to have a super villian who is calculated, not steriotypically over the top and all out evil. He genuinly believed thwt what he was doing was right. Humanity has never had as much resources and as many options for facing poverty as it has today, if the most rich and powerfull people in the world wanted to eliminate poverty from the earth, they could do it extremely easily. Yet the story would be the same if we had half the population or 1/10th the population, because poverty isn’t as much the result or scarcity as much as it is the result of a mere exercise of power. There was some logic to his plan they did a good job humanising him you could see what he was saying even though it was still horrible and it made it more than just kill everyone because he wants to impress the embodiment of death its not the worst change Marvel has done to a well known characte for example the Mandarin or Story Age of Ultron. Have you heard about thanos and deadpools love triangle with death. I saw the movie, and i was somehow drawn to his idea. He just wants to create a balance, and that is his idea of it. He didnt want to “kill” to make people suffer, as he explained to Gamora, how her planet is better off now. Even thought he might be right, i wouldn’t want (or any people from my life) to be erased.  Robin Szabo James Parsons one of the theorists we had to look at for our coursework on population literally thought the same thing as thanos . Sure kill em all. But not my mom, dad, sons, daughters, cousins, uncles, aunt’s, grandsons, grand daughters, etc. Talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Rather, snap the snap?  I’m sharing every bloody avengers related post to myself, that explains things that people missed or whatever in the film or credits. Haven’t seen the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt yet, so will go back and check the posts after watching it. Well if the environmentalist hippies wanna help the planet greatly reducing the population will help it. It’s messed up and unethical but it’ll help lol. We can start with environmentalist hippies and all the folks who believe in global warming lol.  This is just like hunger games, in order to have more goods the population must decrease. Thanos’ plan was to try to eradicate poverty by choosing random. They didn’t agree with his idea because it seemed unfair. Well!!!

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