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#Teechallaclothing Fashion LLC As trans and gender nonconforming, nonbinary, intersex people, we deserve to feel pleasure and feel sexy, like hot and delicious, as huge meals and little snacks,” says artist and filmmaker Tourmaline, who collaborated with McCharenTran on the spring/summer 2022 collection. Runway shows have begun to diverge from thin, white, and tall because of the many years activists spent trying to shift entrenched cultural norms. Plussize models are only sprinkled into runway shows, even though the majority of American women are plussize in the eyes of the fashion industry. Chromat has consistently showcased the full scope of humanity, in all of our abilities, genders, and body types. When we used to ask our friends to model, it was so shocking. Now it’s the bare minimum with brands,” says McCharenTran. With this collection, it’s also a jump forward in how trans bodies can be envisioned.” I have spent years strategizing how to warp my body in a way that creates safety for me. At the beach, especially, where our bodies are on full display, trans women are constantly wracked with danger. What makes it all the more heartbreaking is that my ancestors lived by the Pacific, in central Vietnam. They would greet the day at sunrise to be in the ocean. It was a source of food, play, and solace. The ocean is home. But it was made to be dangerous to me after many centuries of criminalization and targeting of gendervariant people.

Power Rangers 30 Signatures shirt

#Teechallaclothing Fashion LLC It’s the place where I’ve seen more Chromat in the wild than any place on earth,” says Becca McCharenTran, designer of the brand. Bodies of water have always been a source of power for us. In New York City, those who aren’t at the beach often hang at the piers along the Hudson River. Water is a source of life. As a model for this collection, I am walking alongside people of different sizes, ancestries, and abilities. We are living embodiments of our lineage carried forward. In these times, colonization has severed us from our past selves, where many of us were spiritual leaders, historians, shamans, mediums—we were respected for the knowledge we brought to our people. This collection, titled Collective Opulence Celebrating Kindred,” demands that the world witness us. We are beautiful and unchanged. We are beautiful in all the ways we seek to transform, too.

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#Teechallaclothing Fashion LLC The only thing better than being a main character is being a main character in a Nancy Meyers movie. Plus, thankfully, The Holiday’s quaint English setting gives way to a number of seasonallyappropriate looks. Your new plan for Feb. 14 Show up in a polka dot dress with matching accessories and ask your partner to take you on a giant shopping spree, Pretty Womanstyle. Despite these characters’ current relationship statuses, the EricAdamOtisRuby double date is still the greatest of all time. Sartorially, feel free to choose your fighter Eric’s green glitter ensemble paired with bright blue eyeliner or Ruby’s colorful patterned dress with coordinating earrings. We’re by the ocean, but it’s not just any beach. It’s Jacob Riis Park, where queer people flock to get away from city noise and flaunt our bodies, curves, bulges, rolls, scars… everything that makes us beautiful.

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