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Rather it impacts only the wealthy. This is a lie. The stock market affects everyone, especially what you pay for products the companies to produce and how they reinvest their profits to make their products better and cheaper.Andrew Macklin I’m not rich but 401 k is effected and I trade a little it effect lots of peopleMy point is that cnn and the left constantly says that the increase in the market over the past few years doesn’t majority of the ppl. Rather it impacts only the wealthy. This is a lie.Rob Layton no kidding. The left and cnn often report it only impacts the wealthy which is a LIE Sean Carr that is true majority in their 401K. Now if your retiring this year it effects you but if not the up and down you just play the waiting game. Now if your a rich business or person you play the game. Rob Layton make their products cheaper not happening never did. Even with all the companies that moved their plant to foreign countries we paid more and more.

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The businesses make more and more.Why it matters if the POTUS always lies like Trump does. He is to give the American people an update of the Coronavirus and I won’t believe a word he says. That’s terrifying. This could be worse or better than expected, but I won’t believe him at all.Courtney Lynn you have the right to your opinion. But that’s is your opinion and nothing more.Rest easy folks Trump says the virus has been contained. Apparently he has talked with the virus and they are good friends. Trump says it’s a beautiful friendship probably the best one in history. The virus assured him that it would go away. So I encourage all you Trump followers to proceed without caution.James Hatcher let me tell you, we are stuck with President Trump until January 21, 2024. I doubt crazy professor can win 270 electoral votes Rest assure the media just believes anyone that thinks they know something as it will only spread if people mingle and don’t care to quarantine themselves.


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