Stitch and Baby Groot shirt


This is the official design. Available for T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, tank top, long sleeve and v-neck t-shirt for men and women.

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Spidey’s death, scarlet witch trying to stop thanos frm one hand n destroying the Stitch and Baby Groot shirt stone frm other,n groot’s last words brought me into tears . Never imagined that a superhero movie can be so emotional that we started praying,crying fr these characters. Russo brother s definitely created a gem. Let’s talk about these wooden rings for a minute. (Trust me, you’ll want to read this.) Some may know that Greg and I had a 2.5 year courtship; I wasn’t ready to jump into marriage as quick as Greg because not only was he my first boyfriend but my first kiss at the age of 23. Yes, I blossomed later than others. Anyways, Mr Brooks made these wooden rings 4 months before he proposed and carried it around in his car ‘just in case’ I had an awakening that I was ready for marriage and gave him the green to talk to my daddy. Thankfully, late September of last year, I had that awakening and Greg proposed to me with that previously handmade ring.



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