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A slight green color shirt would look decent with cream color pant instead of black but if you have only black one then pair up it with green shirt, you will still look descent. no… it is not a good pair but if you wear green shirt with white pants then you will look more attractive and beautiful.. one thing more with black pants if you wear the lime or baby pink or skyblue shirt then you will look more beautiful and attractive because the combination of light and dark is awesome … I advise you to go to your wardrobe and immediately change it with something different i.e. a dark green colour shirt will be good, choosing white colur tee will be perfect. Yeah! It goes with black pants. But for the Perfect combination try to avoid wearing black pant with a dark green shades of shirts because wearing 2 solid colors does not give you an attractive look or eye catching. Light green shades goes well with black pants.

Dad Of The Hungry Caterpillar Shirt

It is not a good combination in my view. I suggest you try it once if you are keen on this combination. Nothing wrong with exploring a new combination. Green colour shirt generally does not support black pants. However it depends on weather conditions also. In cold weather, it may go but not in arid and humid conditions. Green shirt goes well with maroon shades and if someone wants bold combination then it go well with shades of lemon or sun yellow. Senior ladies can try green shirt with white or off- white pants. The color or shade of green ear with black shades like bottle green emerald green all go well very well with black can also air pistol shades clean like sage. Bright colors bright shades of green that don’t look appealing. A green shirt with black pants is the perfect collection of any men’s wardrobe. It is the best choice to wear in any casual or sometimes on formal occasions also when you have to dress up suddenly without any preparation.

Dad Of The Hungry Caterpillar Shirt Hoodie

All colors goes well on the black pants. You should check if your skin tone looks good on green. You might consider your complexion on to what are the best colors that suits you. Yes black is a neutral so it will go with anything. Texture and fabric quality differences should also be taken into consideration though. This pairing of a dark green shirt and black jeans delivers comfort and functionality and helps keep it low-key yet modern. Why not marry a dark green shirt with black jeans? As well as very practical, these two pieces look nice paired together. yes, it depends honestly, like is it a green shirt with dots on it or a green striped shirt, if it is just a normal green shirt then yes it will.

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