He is home. Candy and I went this afternoon and picked up the ashes, The Box is bigger than it looks in the picture Snoopy And Charlie Brown Looking Black Hole Nasa Ladies Tee and Sweater. The artist’s box is even more beautiful than I recalled. So it is done. I put the Charlie Brown and Snoopy statue on top because he was very much like Charlie Brown and I am very much like Snoopy. The snowglobe that Allie sent me the Christmas before she died is there to the side. The angel looks very much like her when she was young. So Angel Allie can look after him for me. The books on either side are Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe novels that were his. He must have read each one a half a dozen times.

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We want them to go to a home where they can get the love, care and attention they deserve. Before I put them on the yard sale sites I wanted to check with friends and family first to see if maybe someone we know might want them so that maybe we could see them from time to time. It breaks our hearts to have to let them go but we have a way too much going on and with the new grandbaby in the house, it’s just to hard to try and continue to take care of them. Snoopy And Charlie Brown Looking Black Hole Nasa Shirt!

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Hey, look what I found, not too late for Throwback Thursday. This was for our town’s Homecoming Parade, October 1972. Snoopy And Charlie Brown Looking Black Hole Nasa Ladies Tee and Sweater! This is me, eight years old, like Lucy. I would march down Main Street with my Peanuts pals Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Everyone knows Charlie Brown and Snoopy, but did you know that Charles Schulz created more than 70 original characters for the Peanuts comic strip? This Saturday, February 16, at 2:00 pm, join Andrew Farago from @cartoonartmuseum and a panel of special guests for a look at some favorite lesser-known Peanuts characters—including Tapioca Pudding shown in this strip from September 11th,1986.

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