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It is a Mexican holiday celebrated in the US and Mexico. Go to Spain or further south in the Americas and ppl don’t know about Thanos Was Right Shirt. inco de Mayo is more of a US Holiday than a Mexican one, because real Mexican Independence day falls on September 16 th. I live in Arizona, and there is no surer way to get a weird look than by telling a Mexican, “Happy Cinco de Mayo!” It’s like telling a white person, “Happy 12th of October!”  I also have a (white) cousin, in Virginia, who considers it a mandatory day to drink Dos Equis and eat Taco Bell. No kidding. On May 5th, 1862 the brave Mexican soldiers fought off the French men in Puebla, who were about to legitimize the racist U.S. confederate government. Joan Fenendael And thus we celebrate this small battle here, albeit erased by time, because it prevented the French from aiding the white supremacist government called the “U.S. Confederacy”. Good grief. The French established Emperor Maximillian in Mexico. Where did your CSA comment come from? His story is literally the most accurate representation of cinco de mayo where are you guys getting your facts? Napoleon the third invaded Mexico to force them to repay their debt and as a jumping off point to assist the confederacy which in turn would have reestablish the cotton trade to Europe. They were trying to take Mexico City, which they ended up doing the following year. It was not about supporting the Confederacy but about circumventing the Union blockade, which was hurting the French trade. YOU ARE NOW the world champion sewer progressive liberal democrat LIAR. I invite all readers to Wiki Cinco de Mayo and then congratulate Danny Boy for his championship LYING.

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Who raises liars like Danny? Brad. I recall Americans tend to mess with the Wikipedia page each year around Cinco de mayo to push for their own agenda.  I think all holidays are made up so could be thought of as fake too. No matter, its sounds like it’s just evolved. Well there is a hot dog eating contest on 4th of July. I have yet to attend a Cinco De Mayo with a taco eating contest. No this one is not fake, it’s the day the weak Mexican army was able to defeat the strongest army in the world at the time, it’s a day of pride for Mexicans and a day of relief for Americans , as Napoleon’s army was trying to get into the United States from Mexico , but they were stopped before they reached America, should be a day to remember that Mexico and the United States are allies I know what you mean. Especially xmas, easter, and a few others. Evolved has connotations of improvement that don’t fit in this case. Americans have thoroughly debased the celebration. ell…we invent crap to celebrate anything. Doesn’t matter what it is. Staggering events is what we use to call a hallmark card moment.
Of course the marketing aspect of anything is 70% of the push for these events. 30% is the desire to “party on”!!! Olso few people know,the general,un charge of the mexican troops, that defeat the french army,was a U S cityzen.  It’s as if the Mexicans decided to make a holiday out of the Battle of Yorktown, and celebrated it by wearing tricorner hats and drinking PBR and Budweiser… I see it more akin to the Battle of Manassas since they won an early battle but lost the war.  The Mexicans defeating the French in 1862 is the perfect excuse for beer, nachos and shirt… As Noam Chomsky said, not everything that you read in the newspaper is true, you most read between lines… Stinko de Mayo has always been an excuse to party.

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