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Good thing we have home-court advantage but I’d feel better if we steal one in Cleveland. Its definitely possible… I still think we win the series though.And here come all the LeBron lovers to tell me how wrong and dumb I am for my opinion lol Saying this BEFORE they show up… I’m expecting it lol.If it goes to game 7, I wouldn’t bet against Lebron. Being a Celtics fan, I can see why you’re optimistic though.Daniel Stromack think he knows me ???… I have my reasons for my teams so quit judging bro Been a fan for every single one of them for over 10 years now but let’s go ahead and stalk people’s profiles because we have nothing better to do with our time…Tom Farmer respect that opinion. Celtics fan, and I know its probably going 7. No idea who wins the 7th but I’m putting faith in my team as I’m sure you’ll do too.Celtics are going to the finals. They have too much going for them not to. Even if it gets to game 7 the Celtics will have homecourt advantage.You realize it doesn’t matter right? Boston will more than likely win this but they can’t beat Houston, let alone GS.It doesn’t matter who goes to the finals. Neither one of these teams are beating Golden State.Doug Turrington How is Boston delusional when they have home-court, are undefeated at home so far in the playoffs, and have to get only 2 more wins before advancing to the Finals?Boston’s fans after game 2 -it’s over sweep
Boston’s fans after game 3 – I think we can still win.Scary Terry Celtics Shirt
Boston’s fans after game 4 – warriors will sweep the cavs,.Will Jensen nobody ever said anything about the Celtics sweeping the Cavs. It was the other way around lol. Unlike Cavs fans aka LBJ dickriders we are realistic with how our team performs. We know that it won’t be easy beating the Cavs but we know that we will do it. Before the series begun, wasn’t it Cleveland that was supposed to sweep the Celtics? Even Vegas had Cavs winning the series convincingly…. Then those bets got quieted when we blew them out in the first game and won the 2cd…. Now the story is that we won’t win another game? That’s what some are saying on ESPN and NBA TV lol I’ll just sit back and enjoy the games being pleyed y’all…Boston Celtics center Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA championships won with 11 titles during his 13-year playing career. He won his first championship with the Boston Celtics in his rookie year.Most over rated player ever. Never won a finals MVP. His numbers besides rebounding were unimpressive.

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