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I actually love the name True ❣…just wish she would have left the I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt! Its different and unique. For those of u who want a boring old name that everyone else has then pop a baby out ur cooch and name that child as u please I seen a video of him saying I was horny and khloe was there so I had to stick my Dick some where khloe will never leave me she pregnant if she docent leave him she messed up cause he don’t love. Her or he wouldn’t have done this khloe you desert e better you too good for that cheater. I’m glad you didn’t get married. I think you are going to be a wonderful loving funny T-shirts to True. Ignore the haters they just want to be mean cause they don’t have a good life for themselves. I got your back my favorite Kardashion. Shame on Tristen. Really had Faith in him. Don’t understand how he could do that to you. Hope the best for you and True. Ignore the negative and keep going strong.

I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt

Huge love to all and Blessing all day to your family young lady.. those that have are the devil’s ideal hands.. This is your Elegant walk… And Walk it you shall.. YOU ARE Koko.. enough negativity.. now love on this beautiful family.. and keep the world wondering.. for after all.
If they like to be cruel then simply stop being obsessed by the family you are bless to be with
. And the name are fabulous.. you are fabulous.. just remember.. when they stop talking they have to look at they selves and realize that aren’t even in a loved ones thought.. or a haters mind
. Look past them young lady and shine shine shine.. for you are blessed.. hug your self today and everyday.. For you are here.. and living the ultimate journey.. don’t worry about the talk just breath in the love know that love.. while your enjoying the gift that keeps on giving..the love of family.. You’ve got this.. hugs of friendship love my dear.. now love one that baby .. and shut the negativity voices down.. and let them .. and Live

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I wish everybody would just leave Khloe alone and let her enjoy her new little girl. Yall are so hateful and yes maybe she does put her life in the public eye but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have an opportunity to celebrate her child , not to mention her first I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt that she waited to have so stop your rumors and your negative comments be a human being and let her enjoy no one deserves not to enjoy the birth of their child! Congrats Khloe your babies name is beautiful!  ❤ ❤ ?
I cant believe how disrespectful you all are. Its named after her grandfather stop being so hateful and maybe congratulate her. You all need to grow up. She is not the only person ever to name her baby after family members im sure theres a lot of you have done it stop being so hateful. I feel that if you want privacy so much why would you name your kids these names psycho people are gonna know they are yours no one else has these names this world is scary enough i pray it never happens if it were me i would name them something that doesnt allow people to automatically know they are yours. Its hard enough growing up in this world.  Awe Having this baby is a dream come TRUE for her. Can’t fault her on naming her True..only they know the meaning behind it  ? congrats Khloe!! Love is too much metaphorically speaking. But yet love isn’t enough. You need more.

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