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Ninjas actually a good person. You saying people should be shot in the head makes you contribute to the negativity, soooo…. should you be shot as well?  I was obsessed with Pubg, it’s been out longer, I started playing Fortnite I always talked shit about it, but I actually enjoyed it and it was a nice change of pace. Rules of Survival is like the mobile equivalent, makes me want to play the actual PUBG. Fortnite is too simple, small, and arcadey. This game is weak. Pick up fortnite. Way more tools at your disposal. This is just another military clone. Don’t get me wrong I like fortnight but there both good games I think!! I started playin pubg first!!! Why can’t both just be great games in their own way… there’s no “rip off” Player Unknown made the first real battle royale mod for Arma forever ago, H1z1.

Wish he could just banish away all the 13 years old mommy banging kids in the game. Thanos pls.

*Mommy, I don’t feel so good…..* You might fare better in games not specifically tailored towards children. Fine, I’ll play Hello Kitty: Battle Royale instead. That’s manly enough for ya? No xD! Then there would only be sweaty tryhards left and that would suck! Its fun having a little bush camper at the end. Contrary to popular belief, Rated-M doesn’t stand for Mature. It stands for Mommy banging 13 year olds.
Funny cause fortnite is for kids. The game is so overrated anyways and don’t see how it’s any good. Watched a lot of gameplay and I even played it as well. Game is meh. Sorry fortnite players. You’re entitled to your opinion. The only thing i’d disagree with is that Fortnite is for kids; a cartoon art style doesn’t instantly mean its something for children. Jakub Małkowski not at all since I watch marvel movies and I’m just saying this game seems for children because I have played it and there is a lot of little kids who play this. So you played Fortnite? You played the PVE Save The World? In that case, I guess it’s not your piece of cake. If you didn’t, you just played BR and not the main game. Sebastian Björkstedt if you actually read my comments i did state i played the game, so please do that next time before making a fool of yourself lol. Thats like saying pixelated games such as mario or zelda are for old people. Graphics doesnt define what age group the game is for. Austin Truong you are right it doesn’t but this game kinda is when more then half the player base is little kids. What’s wrong with people these day? Just because they’re playing something, doesn’t mean you’re a kid/ a man/ a succesful man/ an actor/ Thanos/ anyone. They just having FUN.Fortnite Nike Shirt

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And I hate the gameplay of any BR games btw, Fortnite included. Aaron McMillan Nah you didn’t. You said Fortnite and everyone means Battle Royale. Which is not the main game. So I still don’t have the answer. I doubt you purchased the STW. Sorry fortnite players? As if you not liking it instantly means 50million people are going to just stop playing it. Don’t apologize to us! It’s okay, bud! We’ll let it slide! Why are top comments always people complaining about games? I don’t like Fortnite but it’s tiring to see people complain about every fucking game ever. Damo salmon pretty stupid to compare food to a game foods a necessity without it you will die the other is a game… Adam Dubwubwob Glen finally someone who fucking gets it, Jesus most stupid statement ever lmao. Let me guess, another try hard pubg player. “It has real guns so it’s better! Just ignore the terrible mechanics and performance of the game, though…” Matthew Nelson let me assume you wrong cause i do not even play that game at all. nice try though buddy, try something else.
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