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I need 49 people to carry me (sorry my grammar sucks just like my skill).  FORTNITE IS BANNING PLAYERS FOR CHEATING EVEN THO YOU DONT USE CHEATS BRUH LITERALLY!!!????  I’m at work would anyone be cool enough to send a screen shot of the dailies and features . I want this outfit!!!! Whenever I get home from work, it’s mine. Haha P.S. Im going to miss Thanos. Epic games please bring back the old music its way better than the new one. When will the tomato head skin be back? I want that skin so badly really unique skin. Stop making them all female skins
That would look so much better if it wasn’t. Dancing in solo is a bit like a ritual of defeat and you waiting for the other person to either spare you or sentence you to death. That’s the biggest betrayal I’ve seen after Seth Rollins !! What a dick move, I once did this, landed next to someone on a mountain they got the shotgun I just did the bestfriend dance and he killed someone else let me keep their loot and then we went our separate way I will never forget him.  If anyone wants to watch my live stream on twitch I’ll be live in 5 mins orthodox_undead. Ahahah did u land on the mountain close to Shifty? If so it might actually have been me.  I love it when a randomer in our squad game has a good weapon and we lead them up a ramp pretending we have a launch pad only to cut the ramp down from the bottom killing the randomer and taking his weapon, I’ve done this over a tac shotgun before an didn’t even know the colour…. Anyone wanna play squads? Shit, I don’t even have to do it to randoms, the friends that I play with know damn well I’m mowing down any large ramp they build or won’t hesitate to impulse them off a cliff .

Fortnite Just Play It T ShirtWhat a cartoon of a shit game, lol minecraft with guns. Can see why the 11 year olds like it….it looks straight from a wii. I’ve learned not to trust even if my mother played Fortnite. I like to have fun and if you want s dance off I guarantee I won’t kill you but kids will.  I was watching this video with “far too young to die” of Panic!At the Disco in the background… it was a really good, expecially when the video ends perfectly with Brandon singing “far too young to die” while the other player died. “That looks painful. Dear brother, you’re becoming predictable. I trust you, you betray me, round and round in circles we go. See Loki, life is about… It’s about growth, it’s about change, but you seem to just want to stay the same. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’ll always be the god of mischief, but you could be more. I’ll just put this over here for you.”
[he tosses the remote aside]Holy shit it’s fortnite !!! It’s so hard to find videos of this game recently but I’m so glad they featured this!!!
I mean it never gets featured enough, and no one ever talks about it , so it’s nice to see it finally get some attention….

Availabe here for both men and women styles: Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt

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