Praying for Ryan Newman shirt


Randy Eickholt the Democrats promoted global trade-the Clintons – and now the planet is destroyed by global trade, they say they care about the plant victoria Wintersberger global trade is but one head of the hydra. everyone wants an ever-growing economy, and everyone wants to save the environment- the Praying for Ryan Newman shirt one to bring a viable system to balance this? wins. Dee, we need real solutions that actually work, and don’t just line the pockets of the rich, screw the poor, and rely on child labor. Better off to spend a  couple billion of those bucks to get the climate-denying  GOP  out of office. The only weird thing about this is the timing, I just had it pop up on my feed that he would have to pay 9 million bucks in taxes if Bernie wins the election Well, the timing and the sum.

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Praying for Ryan Newman shirt

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