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President Trump could have ordered the National Guard into DC with approval of the secretary of Defense. He previously verbally told them that 10000 troops and more would be needed and that they should do it. President Trump’s statement did not materialize into an order nor a a written notice to the Capital Police that the request would be approved or could be approved. The National Guard did not deny any request.

Had President Trump sent in the National Guard without the request of the DC Police, Mayor, or Speaker Pelosi, or McConnell, how would that work? Verbal accounts are that Speaker Pelosi did not want the National Guard because of optics and told her Sergeant at Arms who was the Chair of the Police Board to oppose any requests before the January 6 event happened. The Jan 6 committee question excessively the time of requests on January 6 after the event started with inconsistencies. Then Jan 6 committee never questioned Speaker Pelosi on the simple question, even if Trump did not order the National Guard, why didn’t you make a request?

So yes, Nancy Pelosi deserves some blame for lack of prudent planning because of the “optics.” President Trump wisely did not order troops into DC, and it is more than stupid to suggest that Trump should have done more pro-actively given the constant accusations against him at the time. (How quickly the Jan 6 Committee Democrats forget the accusation of the day against Trump back around Jan 6)

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