If you can’t take it don’t give it and listen to us for a change.If you are a Tory hanging around with people wearing the Union Jack as a sartorial statement you are gonna get called a nazi. Imagine if every person who worked in customer service over Christmas called the police out to angry, irate customers. Yet we don’t see, this level of hate for My Patronus is a Pugicorn shirt other than from the Press and social media.Making hate speech cominfo by the stories against foreigners, immigrants, he has some undesired side effects. I’m sorry she had to go through this but let’s face it, the genie was let out of the bottle by her party. And you should start cover the real story instead off dismissing it by covering what you want and not what is news. The public voted to leave she is trying to keep us in you could argue she is a Nazi, it’s only the start. Meaning a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible way. We know what side the Nazis, liars and Russian trolls are on.

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So long as things remain just chanting then they need to grow up and deal with it. So sorry for her the polices in front of the gate of parliament should protect her insistence fortunately the protesters didn’t have bad intentions to harm her. If My Patronus is a Pugicorn shirt can’t handle name calling then they should stand down. All the hard work gone into trying to make a no deal brexit happen and it’s ruined by a few idiots like these. This in your face intimidating abuse is not acceptable and the rowdy crowd are no better. Can’t wait to churn out endless stories designed to divide people and their views and then can’t wait to act shocked when people react to the bullshit you churn out daily. The vote was democratic, the outcome is the fault of the voters who didn’t educate themselves about both views.
Can spout her personal views whether the mass public agrees with her or not. If wearing the national flag as if its a child’s dinner jacket is anyway to be taken seriously we’d better make a change to policy because that’s criminal. She is trying to stop the democratic will of the people for her own agenda, that makes her a Nazi and a My Patronus is a Pugicorn shirt. Just because she doesn’t like it she wants to go against everyone who voted to suit her lifestyle. Just shows that retainers are all racists, who were sold a lie and didn’t know what they were voting for. I can actually see people storming parliament in the future and kicking them all out. I don’t agree with this abuse however the politicians need to be aware that if they carry on there won’t just be shouting and abuse.

My Patronus is a Pugicorn shirt
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