TRUMP WANTED WHITAKER TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE IN THE COHEN INVESTIGATION! Can you see trump sweating because he doesn’t have henchmen over the investigation? Whitaker is a spoiled, rebellious child. He defiantly acts as if Congress is of no consequence and as if he works for a dictator. Maybe he is afraid of SDNY Southern district of New York shirt. Maybe Trump is afraid of Cohen. Trump has messed up with Putin. Putin’s said he went drop a bomb on the United States recently and Trump was in collusion with it that’s why he wants that wall so bad to keep citizens in from escaping.

The heat between these two is scorching after all the SDNY Southern district of New York shirt and speculation from the last performance of this that they did, this one was purposefully more sterile! You just know they lost themselves and their real lives on that set. It must be heartbreaking to leave it all on the set. Let’s just say my eyes were and I’m a hot male. But I’ve been allergic to orange spray tan for a couple of years. His lady who has a baby with him sitting right there! He would be so stupid to leave the most gorgeous woman. And who really watches the Oscars? I haven’t in over 12 years and don’t intend on it again. Unless it changes for what it was created for again.

I think Mueller has concluded Manafort is the key to taking down Trump and so far he hasn’t talked so they are going to squeeze him until he does this SDNY Southern District of New York Resistance shirt. These 16 charges will result in convictions and more jail time in addition to the jail time he’s been given. 4 years turned into almost 8 which might now turn into 12 to 15. The prospect of dying in jail is weighing on him.

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