“Richard Tapia-Ruano we had a better picture idea of him in the original trilogy than Snoke had. Like I said above, over 3 movies we got bits of information. It wasn’t a lot but enough to give an idea. Snoke we got nothing. We know just as much about him in this one than the last one.” was what you said so I didnt restate anything lol I debated this exact comment and then you somehow agreed with me but I am restating what you said? And your complaint is the biggest plot point of this movie man snoke is NOT the big bad guy of this trilogy. Kylo Ren is. And he has now surpassed even Vader in defeating his master, not to save his son and give in to the light, but out of a hunger for power and to make the universe his. We have a Skywalker level force user as the master of the dark side for the first time ever. I am excited to see where that goes.

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