Milking seeks something but I can’t see what he gets, i hope you never have to watch someone you love deteriorate with this wicked disease as I did with my Dad. It may be uncomfortable for some to hear but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be spoken about. He’s raised awareness about topics that need to be spoken about more openly and for that he deserves both praise and respect.He’s always told the stories of his life, and this is his Fly it like you stole it Puget sound flight tours shirt. How many years service did you do, to have learned so little of shared wisdom and easing the stress of people who are suffering. He was fantastic and told his journey very well. There are so many things about your comments that make me sad and angry in equal measure. Get the ferry to Wexford and lets see what you have to to say. I always find big mouths have NOTHING to say when faced by an ill person in their own environment. You are a disgrace and you are quite welcome to visit me in my home.

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Fly it like you stole it

You disgust me if you are an ex social worker and support worker you should be pleased he’s spreading awareness because he’s in a position to do so. You should be ashamed for yourself as you are a shame of your profession. I saw it as man accepting his fate with bravery and good humour, the way he has lived his whole life. He has always been spiritual, just dismissive of corrupt and sinister organised religions like the one he grew up into. This is not the case,as you get older you come to terms with your lot or you go nuts and having grown up with this guy, who I didn’t like at first,I have the utmost respect. I hope you will never suffer from a chronic or a degenerative disease to find out the emotional toll that it takes on the patient and the family. What an awful human you are Debbie try looking after people with cancer and Fly it like you stole it Puget sound flight tours shirt for a while, it’s real human suffering.

Fly it like you stole it

He is the one with Parkinson’s, if it’s how he feels, I’m not going to be depressed by it, celebrate the man while we still can I found his honesty inspiring. We’re not depressed just sad to be losing someone we love, who’s bought so much laughter. When I read his words this morning, they made me smile and the appreciation I have always had for him grew even more.Plants breath CO2 and give us O2 so the planet will be greener and we will be healthier. Fly it like you stole it Puget sound flight tours shirt surely is nowhere close to being a real man or human for that matter.

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