I agree. We can survive without the rest of theNight Fury and Stitch Stay different stay weird shirt. I want our president to cancel all trade pacts and to completely stop trading with the rest of the world. Its the only way to regain the American dream. And we’ll see how the rest of the world likes that. Tyrone Clayton it’s still up 6k + from his inauguration libtard. Your statement proves you have no fukn idea of what you’re talking about let alone having money in the market or a 401k. You can’t fix stupid. Barbara Beth Miller I don’t give two hoots about Hillary she’ll either get her just deserts or she won’t. As for the Pres you need to turn off CNN and quit lapping up the MSNBC Kool Aid. Mueller has charged 3 Americans with meaningless process crimes and 14 Russians who will never see the inside of a courtroom ie a PR stunt. Your hero Mueller has spent 2 years and $40 million dollars and come up with bupkiss. Get a grip better yet a clue. Mark Spitznaugle, I have some Spitz that’s what call them friends down here in central Florida, never heard the last other than them until now. Good ppl to.

Night Fury and Stitch Stay different stay weird shirt

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