Louder With Crowder Socialism Shirt

Louder With Crowder Socialism Shirt

And CONNIE won’t respond girl I love u too! Only one man helped me deal with my hellish shits and that man is Louder With Crowder Socialism Shirt and he is an angel it’s been real guys I love u all. Bernie you have to take the projected incomes of all Americans, then subtract what it costs to carry and pay down the entire public, private and corporate debt loads that weigh down on America, then distribute the projected unfunded liabilities for all three levels (public, private and corporate) against remaining income. All three levels in effect have the equivalent of unfunded liabilities, and very typically fail to “pay ahead” for what they will inevitably end up deeper in debt for.

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Then when it is all calculated out you take whatever is left and average that out across the population number. Not much left is there ? Not much at all. Where did the Louder With Crowder Socialism Shirt ? People often think that they are richer than they are, when in fact they are not. Others want them to think that they are richer than they are, so that they might spend more. I think they should worry about their own survival if the current system continues. People can only endure being crushed so much before they fight back. We all know what happened during the French revolution. We would rather avoid that kind of chaos if we can. Make democracy healthy and vibrant! Remove “Money in Politics” by taxing the income, wealth and estates of the rich to where everyone has one vote.

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