I guess ONE of us has to work. In Florida. In the heat. With a tropical storm lurking about.  😉 🤣. But seriously, what a blessing this is to so many people! Both shifts i worked were so enjoyable and such wonderful Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Long Sleeve  ☺️ blessed to be part of such an amazing church family. An incredible effort by all who worked, and those with the vision to see this through. Sorry I missed this years work crew, but hope to be in town next year. Always a great time working at the fair!! Worked with two excellent crews this year, met some new people, and sold crazy amounts of birch beer!! One question- when are we starting the go fund me page for AC in our booth??? Almost forgot – big thank you to Chris and Kristen Smith Liguz for all of your work, organization, dedication, for being fun people to work with, and for always smiling!! Always enjoy the camaraderie of working in the Westfield booth. Especially with such wonderful leaders in Chris Liguz and Kristen Smith Liguz!! Thank you so much for your expertise, dedication and calm demeanors in indoor ridiculous heat.


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onathan, as I told u before I so enjoy u updates about u church and how y’all are doi my in u new home, which by the way, looks like u just picked up from somewhere in Georgia, and just sat it down in Connecticut. Always great people to work with – upbeat, friendly and good teamwork. Thanks to the Liguz family for ALL the planning, prep work, long hours, and supervision that they put in. AWESOME! Chris liked them and that’s what counts LOL he doesn’t let me cook on the grill or The Griddle much. You did great! First and only time we went there we waited and hour for our pizza only to find out that they lost our order. There were maybe 6 other groups in there. So not impressed.  I’ve had amazing Pizza there in the past …so , not sure. … I have experienced this at many places though , sometimes it’ll be good and sometimes it won’t be so great . so it probably just depends on who’s making the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Long Sleeve. Out of all the dogs that I’ve had, Bagel the Beagle was my favorite. She had such a big heart and was the sweetest dog ever!! She crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago. My heart is still broken.

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