I was like so many others here and thought the collapsing woman didn’t deserve to win. The young girl deserved it. If you want to win a marathon you have to finish 26.2 miles not 26… I did some Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee (googling). Turns out the young Luterman was running a relay the other was running an individual race. Knowing that, I think it’s cool that the young girl helped her finish. I don’t think she deserved to win. What bothers me is when you see interviews of the ‘winner’ she talks of her accomplishment and no mention of the help she received. That is a shame. The young Luterman is a fantastic person. The other one is no winner…IMHO… The blonde was the real winner, a race means nothing and she would have held on to the pride for a Not This Year Red River Showdown Shirt days at most. The way she lost she can be proud of for the rest of her life because she put others before herself. Albert Einstein said, Only A Life Lived For Others Is Meaningful. Teach your children this and they will be rich all of their life. In defence of Chandler Self, those here who criticize her have probably never run a clocked mile at speed in their life, let alone a marathon.


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Speaking as a former long-distance runner, what I see here is an athlete who is in pain and who is focused on crossing the finish line. To expect her take the time to stop and let Ariana cross alongside her and to condemn her for not doing so is nonsensical. When one reaches this point of metabolic, aerobic, and fuel exhaustion, one is confused and is not thinking clearly. What Ariana Luterman did for her was an excellent example of selfless sportsmanship. I thought it was a marathon? And Luterman pushed the girl to finish. A marathon is 26 miles. Sometimes your legs just quit in such a long run, and your not thinking clearly. Luterman is a champion and insisted on helping her finish, and was happy to do so. I’m happy with her!. Ive had my legs give out on me before just from high blood pressure. Its so crappy to have part of your body not work the way it should. Why are people bashing the poor woman whos Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee is shutting down from exertion? You werent there, not your circus, not your monkeys. Just watch the video and move on with your life. I came in here for positive comments and NO ONE is being nice at all.

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