This is my day most days. 2 boys 6 and 4. Enough said. I don’t have security staff so they wreck my house on a daily basis. Good thing is I have a sense of humour. Unlike some xx. Pat Holokai Calm down pat! how do you know she was on her phone? Were you there? Yeah she Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Tank Top  it so what!! Have you personally spoke to Emma Alice Howes and got the full story? If not then stop with mummy bashing! I think you’re the one who should get off your phone and go to bed. Night pat love. Heaven forbid a mother doesn’t have the children latched onto her hip! Disgraceful! She must follow those children everywhere! Cooking? No. Washing? No. Cleaning the house?


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No. Need the toilet? Nightmare. Must. Sit. And. Stare. At. Children. There’s no way on earth this was only them being left for 10 minutes I have a 3 & half year old daughter & 5 & half year old son who has special needs no way on earth they could do that in a hour never mind 10 mins what on earth was the mother doing for them to be able to do that x. Kellie Jackson I know plenty of kids who could do that in 15 minutes. My niece can unroll an entire thing of toilet paper in 30 seconds. her and her 1 year old sister can manage to take out every toy in the house within 2 minutes. Thankfully they don’t have paint where the kids can get it. Have kids they said!! Did they forget to tell you the part about having to watch them lmao. Serves you right. You’re lucky none of your Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Tank Top got badly hurt. One fell in the bath during a 1 minute video. Smh. Julie Ann Anderson I know but did you watch the state of the video kids and paint everywhere 🤔 like seriously my point is why leave the kids that long to do that mess there’s no way they could do that in 10 minutes while she put a load of washing on 🤦🏼‍♀️ yeah alright then . It’s their traditional game to play prank with ice cream as a treat to customers. However it’s not a warm treatment. Id also not recommend such prank. Well done girl. Not everyone likes to be treated like this while buying ice cream.

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