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After 25 years working on hair-care brands for Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal, Venezuelan entrepreneur Sonsoles Gonzalez decided to break out on her own and launch Better Not Younger, a hair-care line that caters to the lengths of women over 40. Always looking for ways to support the Latinx community, more than 50% of Gonzalez’s team is Hispanic. For Tata Harper, it was her days spent at her grandmother’s house practicing beauty rituals in her native Barranquilla, Colombia, that sparked her passion for self-care and in turn skin care. Since launching her eponymous natural brand in 2010, Harper’s luxurious, consciously crafted products, from the Regenerating Cleanser to the Resurfacing Mask, have become instant cult classics.

Official Squad Fez And Rue Euphoria Season 2 Polaroid shirt

In the spirit of celebrating Latinx beauty and shifting power in the industry, here are 15 Latinx-founded brands that you can support now and always. Ceremonia, which translates to ceremony in Spanish, is inspired by the Latinx traditions and rituals Babba Rivera grew up with. The line’s debut product was Aceite de Moska, a scalp oil inspired by a tried-and-true treatment originating in the Dominican Republic that restores and conditions the scalp for softer, stronger, and thicker hair. Mexican-American pop superstar Becky G launched her Treslúce Beauty makeup line last summer. Since then, the brand, which is an ode to her Latinx heritage, has been widely embraced for its neon-bright pigments, fluttery falsies, and gorgeously illustrated packaging in collaboration with Mexico City–based artist Monica Loya. “Treslúce celebrates not only my Mexican-American roots, but Latinx heritage and beauty needs in general,” says Becky. “We come from diverse nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities, and I kept that in mind when developing the line.” Founded by former chief merchant of Sephora, Margarita Arriagada, clean lipstick–focused brand Valdé Beauty is her ode to her late Peruvian mother and her proclivity for a bold swipe of crimson on the lips. “It was like a glamorous coat of armor,” explains Arriagada. Designed to last a lifetime, Valdé’s refillable lip set features an objet d’art–like metallic case with intricate feathered-wing detail and an inset magnifying mirror for touch-ups.

Official Squad Fez And Rue Euphoria Season 2 Polaroid Hoodie

More representation is also imperative in battling the narrow beauty ideals that have dominated the beauty industry. “The Latinx community has a lot of spending power in the beauty industry, but overall we are rarely represented, and when we are it is by the lighter-skinned Latinas with more European features who fit into that ‘mainstream’ standard of beauty,” explains pop superstar Becky G, who launched her Treslúce Beauty line over the summer. “We are not a monolithic group, and we need more diverse representations of our community and for brands to develop products for our diverse needs.” While there’s a long way to go, Latinx-founded hair, makeup, and skin-care brands are capturing attention, and in turn revitalizing the industry. “I wanted to create a brand that could fill the void in the market for authentic representation of the multidimensional demographic that is Latinx, while celebrating the richness of the Latin culture,” explains Babba Rivera, founder of clean hair-care brand Ceremonia. Rivera wants to see Ceremonia grow into a category-leading brand that helps other companies and founders understand the complexity and importance of today’s Latinx consumer, while also serving as a benchmark business for future minority founders. In creating her own brand, Becky G also wanted it to be an inclusive ode to her heritage. “Everything from the name of the brand to the colors and formulations of the products was inspired by my heritage,” she explains. “Our mission is to amplify the beauty and diversity of Latinx culture with the goal of advancing and influencing others’ understanding and acceptance of our cultura.”

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