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It’s released here in Aus next Wednesday 16th – check your local, they should be advertising it now. She’s ’70s Blaxploitation Domino, and that’s just damn freakin’ COOL IMHO. I can handle it. Screw the rest of all y’all. Leon Benjamins looks nothing like a pizza place…. oh thought you said Dominos… Too bad. I’m digging the movie verse design and how they did the eye. The left most character looks like Scully and the right most looks like Terry. Just Brooklyn nine nine things. After his crippling he overcame and therefore was able to keep doing surgery. Again, they don’t take the degree away. No, he’s not. He’s a surgeon! REAL doctors diagnose, and, cure patients. Surgeons just replace parts.  I could have a degree in engineering but that doesn’t make me an engineer. And when you stop practicing, you’re no longer a doctor. I wouldn’t want some dude coming out of a5 year hiatus to operate on me. I can’t even begin to explain how stupid that sounds. XD ok, I’m going to go with Peter’s thing. XD!  He WAS a surgeon, but after the accident he never got his license to practice medicine renewed. He has his doctoral degree, but he is no longer a doctor.  If he had a degree that was a Doctorate or a PhD then he can still be called “Doctor” as its not just a profession but also a Title. Come on, you know a lot worse has happened over fictional characters, like a news reporter receiving death threats for calling starwars nerdy.  A doctor cures, and he’s sorcerer supreme, doesn’t that make him a doctor? You all realize a doctorate is a degree, right? Also, losing physical ability does not take away his knowledge, so he would remain a doctor.
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A surgeon is a doctor. Here, look for yourselves. Google is your friend. Deadpool breaks the 4th wall, you overnerded this conversation so hard(which is fine) you missed the point Rayl and Alan got.  I dont get what Strange means by I’m not a minister..does anyone get the joke? if so let me know. Im guessing Deadpool wanted him to perform a Marriage ceremony between Wade and someone else, Maybe Lady Death? Hence he needs a Minister to perform the ceremony? Non practicing Doctors are STILL doctors. Unless he lost his license for malpractice or something. Which I don’t think he did. Terry, Thom, others… Dr Strange is not a REAL doctor is what Deadpool was saying. Deadpool knows he and everyone else are in a comic book. Thom Graney I don’t know.. the medical associations catch wind of some of the stuff he’s practicing, they just might pull his licence. For the 5th time. If you have a PHD you have every right to be called a doctor, regardless if you make breakthroughs in medicine or not. Dr Phil earned his “Dr” title because of his doctorates and has expertise in his focus of study- no one regardless if he loses his job- can suddenly not be called doctor. It really hurts that people don’t know wtf they’re saying, please don’t procreate.  Emphasis on “REAL”. Deadpool knows they are comic book characters so it’s likely a play on the fact that he is a fictional character. Chuck Campbell Yup. He sought out the Ancient One after an injury to his hands made him unable to perform surgery. (Looks like were among a minority who read the book. John Ayers, no Deadpool knows he’s a fictional character and can’t be a real anything, that’s why it’s funny. I think deadpool is referring to the fact he isn’t a real doctor as in the real world. Deadpool is the only one who realizes it’s all just comics so he’s making a joke of it. Spiderman is like your typical talk show host humor. Not really offensive, but will get a chuckle. Most Deadpool fans can’t stop grinning while reading each panel, though. Even when in despair, he’s still being funny as hell (minus that weird noir 3 issue attempt when they tried to make him a detective that had depression. Thank God they canned that quickly).

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