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I recently bought a pair of Prada’s fisherman sandals, and needless to say, I’m obsessed. I love that it’s durable enough for New York City’s streets, breathable to wear during summer’s balmy weather, and overall, chic. And did I mention they’re comfortable too. Although the exact pair I bought was sold out, there’s still the chunkier “Monolith” style available in a few colorways. It took me a long time, but I finally found the perfect I’m-just-chilling-but-I-still-look-cute outfit formula to wear on weekends. It’s the Skims Soft Lounge dress, and it’s sooooo soft and comfy, kind of like sweats but better. Also, I’ve made it my mission to start making green juices every morning at home, so I indulged in a little retail therapy to help kickstart my good habit. I came across these aesthetically pleasing bottles on TikTok, and I’m glad I purchased them.

Grateful Dead Dead And Company The Final Tour Summer 2023 shirt

From the luxury sandals to the crochet knit dresses topping our shopping lists, it’s clear to see that staffers are more than elated to welcome sunny days. And our summer shopping habits go beyond simply updating our wardrobes. In May, a couple of editors also transitioned their beauty routines with skin-illuminating products and SPF-filled foundations. I’m all about an anklet, and this summer, I really want to get a stack going to adorn my feet. Missoma has a good range of styles, from the super delicate to the chunky to the boho beaded variety so there’s lots to choose from. Personally, I like to mix and match.

Grateful Dead Dead And Company The Final Tour Summer 2023 s Hoodie

My love of espadrilles as the only shoe you need for summer is well documented. But what about summer’s black-tie events. Enter the satin espadrille. I picked up these satin Casta�ers for a wedding in Italy over Memorial Day weekend and experienced immense buyers rejoice. They are as chic as they are comfortable and even allowed me to turn down the offerings of slippers passed out on the dance floor around midnight. Now that we’ve (unofficially) kicked off summer, my yoga practices have moved to the outdoors and have gotten a little more fiery. To help beat the heat, I’ve been obsessed with this breathable Adidas yoga bodysuit. It hugs my body in all the right ways as I hold any pose, and looks great when paired with a pair of shorts, too. I also needed a new lightweight yoga mat that I could easily tote around all season long, and one that featured an excellent grip for those hotter days. For under $50, this Manduka one couldn’t be more perfect.

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