Hocus Pocus 26th Anniversary 1993 2019 Shirt

Hocus Pocus 26th Anniversary 1993 2019 Shirt

I have suffered from anxiety for 20yrs now. I have anxiety ticks also. (My neck twitches) I went 12yrs without anyone’s help. I would just disappear. Even when I had kids, I’d take my kids for a drive. Take them to the beach to watch them play. I would calm down with their hugs. I finally met a man that helped me. That still does. He has NO mental issue experience. He just knows me. He hugs me, let’s meet cry and lets me talk when I’m ready. My kids now just go to their rooms when I ask them to. Cause now they’re older, I don’t want to freak them out with me crying. But I was put on meds to try to control them. They did but they controlled ALL my emotions. I was numb. For about 3 yrs it was hard for me to cry when a death in the family came. One day, I said I quit. I quit taking them. I went through terrible withdrawal, I even went to the hospital.

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But now, I have never felt better. I still get my moments when I get overwhelmed but I’ve learned to control it. (For the most part) I’ll go to my room if I can’t. There are people that are trying to say they suffer from anxiety issues to get attention. Meanwhile some people who really need help feel useless and afraid to tell anyone. I can relate to those people. Try to find a friend that will accept you as you are. They’ll answer that 2am call. They’ll come to you when it’s really bad. Together, we can help each other. I always had moderate anxiety through my teens and then as I got older it snowballed out of control into health anxiety, social anxiety, depression you name it I “had” it.

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