As I think about this amazing masterpiece that Mueller has set up. He was so certain that he was going to be fired that he farmed out dozens of investigations to agencies across the Hardcorewillneverdie shirt, and across the world. Every day now we will watch it fall like dominoes. None of us can deny the Trump’s rule is over. We don’t know the exact mechanism by which he is going to be removed, but we know it’s going to happen. I can’t believe I was so fortunate to be alive to see democracy actually work. I love it all I did was look at the documents to protect him oh and by the way he instructed me to pay hush money!So I ask you could have he done it legally?If he could then why would Cohen not do it legally that is what he is paid to do!You folks can keep drinking the blue fantasy drink but there is absolutely nothing there. I think you’re clearly ignoring that Cohen spilled his guts for a deal. The biggest part of that was the fact that Trump is complicit in an illegal activity that could be seen as swaying the election by paying hookers hush money. Low character people falsely charge people all the time knowing that the person will pay to get them out of their Hardcorewillneverdie shirt. I bet trump told him to do whatever he had to do to make it go away, come on now, don’t you know how it works with rich folks? They think money talks, but this time it didn’t work!

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Corruption is the glue that holds this administration together. Trump cannot get good, meritorious people to work for him and those that he can get all stand to benefit from his attacks on our norms and institutions. Congratulations, America, on handing the country to the Hardcorewillneverdie shirt of our people. If you really believe Trump had no involvement you’re fooling yourself. He worked on Trumps behalf. Everything he did was for Trump he was Trump’s lawyer and fixer. If anyone in this world knows Trumps wrong doings it would be Cohen. His idiotic voters will stand by him. None of them can think for themselves and they believe the lies spoon fed to them. Even as Trump is led away in handcuffs, they will think he was framed. It’s brainwashing at its finest. Trump followers, what does it take to open your eyes? “Fake news” is a strategy to control what is believed about Trump. It gives him the power to deny anything that is critical just by claiming it is fake news. It is inconceivable that you all are that self-delusional.

Hardcorewillneverdie shirt
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