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This is a great priority and arguably the moral answer to the Hard rock cafe Death Star hoodie we’ve been dealing with.Having components fail at different rates by design is wasteful and drives up entry costs. What we need for the good of the planet is less consumption and more maintenance and repair. Thank god we are leaving them and won’t have to abide by such ridiculous laws that seek to protect the consumer. Bloody EU trying to save us all money and impose laws that help the common person getting ripped off. Should the EU and US not hunt down China to produce goods that are sub standard which is most of them. Oh like that is going to happen, it is made disposable for a very simple reason, it keeps the supply chain alive and kicking. Or are we being lied to by the remain side and we are forced to follow EU laws.If our government does or doesn’t want this law then we will or won’t. We are constantly told by the remain side that we pick and choose what EU laws we implement in this country so the EU don’t control us. Tech industry needs to most definetly come under these new laws, they are disabling half the world’s population stuck on old technology.

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As of March 29 though UK manufacturers will be able to continue to rip people off. You spent a fortune on it, but once it breaks down, there aren’t any replacements parts for it if you have to send it off to get repaired. It’s toxic, and companies should be forced to recycle their own end of life products. About freaking time.Besides, how many of you are responding to this post using the Hard rock cafe Death Star hoodie. I’m sure we’ve said something about this can they do this for cars too. It does say EU saw this and thought of you another good step, hopefully it happens here too.But the fact that you can’t fix your own items or pay a repairman to fix it for you is straight up market manipulation. I don’t even care that much about the fact that companies build stuff to break instead of building it to last. Then we sold out to China and it all became crap with its cheap material and parts and it’s planned obsolescence.


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