Trump is spiraling out of control and he’s taking the respect that the world use to have for this country with him. I see that name calling has become seen as mature and polite truth telling is seen as a threat to the nation (well if you think Trump is the nation). The GOP doesn’t want to impeach Trump because they believe a baby should be carried to full term.Let’s keep it up.If this is true This is so Sad that our great Nation has such a vulgar man Trump in charge.Let’s have some fun guys.It’s just beyond my understanding how anyone with any sense of common decency, self respect, and respect for others can continue to support this president. It means Trump finds him to be powerful, and feels a need to try to bully him. This was no misspelling, this pres can’t spell to save his life. At this Grinch I am sorry the nice nurse is on vacation sweater, I’d take it as a compliment when Trump decides to give him a name change.

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Not keen on POTUS’s tweet BUT this guy is a snake cloaked in false virtue. I’m not sure the Wicked Witch h melted this fast in the Wizard of Oz. Very sad excuse for a man I was wondering if he would completely melt down before January or in January. Trump tweets like this and people want to blame the democrats for the downhill slide this Grinch I am sorry the nice nurse is on vacation sweater is taking. This will play out as Schiff will be accused of getting back at Trump for the name calling and anything Schiff finds will be branded as fake or a witch. This is presumably to amuse supporters who possess the emotional intelligence of 6th graders. I thought trump had lost the ability to shock me, but this tweet is so outrageous it was hard to believe he actually posted it. He’s unhinged Boy is our president a class act. Fake news, obviously a typing error as a result of carpal tunnel from tweeting combined with tiny hands and dementia.

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He is going down in the history books as the least qualified child to ever hold the office.I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, we need to raise the bar if civility up a few notches. So, there is the Grinch I am sorry the nice nurse is on vacation sweater that a president must be at least 35 years old physically, but how about the mental age. Guess he needs to be reminded about Melania’s be better crap 45 is nothing but a school yard bully when he gets his feelings hurt he lashes out at somebody else. I’m sure many more large numbers of people will make appropriate changes in 2020. Congratulations America, real winner your president is Large numbers of people have made many necessary changes in 2018.

Grinch I am sorry the nice nurse is on vacation sweater
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