Fredo Unhinged Text Fredo To 88022 Shirt The next day, Nhan Uyen turned to excuse the house for wanting to quit school … Khong Tu was very clear about Nhan Uyen’s mind but said nothing, nodded his head in agreement. Before leaving, Nhan Uyen turned to say, Confucius. Confucius wanted Nhan Uyen to return home to peace,

also told two sentences: “Ancient thousand years without hiding, unknown murderers do not move”. Nhan Uyen answered a question: “Please remember”, then leave. Fredo Unhinged Text Fredo To 88022 Shirt On the way back, the wind blew, the thunder shook, and the sky wanted to pour heavy rain. Nhan Uyen went to an empty tree on the roadside, wanting to avoid the rain.

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