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I realize Love is Blind, but for the Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow Shirt of me I cannot understand what he sees in her.I wonder if these 3 R playing a game to fool the media.IF YOUR WIFE TURN HER BACK ON YOU FOR HIM YOUR WIFE BELONG TO THAT MAN. I am sadder for the country than either of them Why does she have a husband she can’t even agree with. She’s a whack job; he’s a buffoon and the husband, why would he marry that LOSER.

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Pretty sure 45 was looking in the mirror when shelling out those insults and name calling. George’s idea I assume I started to believe these two are Russian assets whose Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow Shirt is to break the President. I love President Trump but he’s going to cause a divorce on this and that’s not good I don’t trust any of them.I think he should do an analysis on why no one believes your network and why your rating continue to decline. They are all working together to make sure you don’t focus on the important matters. If this fat douche bag had an ounce of respect for his wife he wouldn’t have taken this public and insulted her boss on more than one occasion.


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