If there’s anybody who actually cares about this then ure priorities are completely off the rails and u should find something better to do with your life.I think they have an entertainment section so maybe that’s why. You should focus on important stuff, and not just headlines some context, background would be most welcome.I normally don’t do this but come on Teejeep this is not news or worth the time you guys are above this. We need a mental health day to recover from this Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow shirt. That’s a tremendous piece of global information, thank you for next 30 days without you. This is a sad attempt at attracting a younger audience. After he cheated on her, she goes and gets pregnant and then marries him.

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They cover plenty of other stories as well this isn’t the only story today. They even went so long together It’s obvious stripper can’t have a happy married life. Well let see if she can write her own songs henceforth and her Freddie Purrcury Don’t Stop Meow shirts.Everyone is sarcastically mentioning how they cant go on in their lives with this news and here I am wondering how anyone could possibly listen to cardi B and especially Migos without cringing. So that’s why they are broadcasting cardi b and offset. What in the love and hip hop haberdashery craziness is this. I mean the only way it could be any bigger was if I knew who either one of these people were, or cared about them at all.

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