The Earth without art is just eh Maps shirt


The old machine where he used to work. In this version of Alan Moore, the identity of the ‘Red Hat’ is not fixed, any inner man is disguised as such. The purpose of this is to make people misunderstand the true identity of the leader and if there is a mistake, the two thieves also easily escape the crime. While the three are discussing, the police come to tell Joker the unfortunate news that his wife has died in an accident.

Too sad, Joker actually no longer earnestly for this crime plan anymore but was still the other two thieves forced to keep their promises. After successfully sneaking inside the factory, all three were discovered by security forces, two thieves were shot and killed. While trying to escape coal, Joker encountered Batman, who is coming to investigate the incident. In a panic, he jumped over a rail and fell into a chemical vat. By the time the lake was floating, Joker removed the ‘Red Hat’ hat he was wearing and was horrified to realize through the reflection of the hat, a chalky white man, red lips and blue hair. leaves. It was this incident, coupled with the repression of the consecutive misfortunes that day, caused the former engineer to undergo an uncontrollable personality transformation that created a Joker.


The Earth without art is just eh Maps shirt

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