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So many schools that rarely get a chance who not only would have made a rare tournament appearance but possibly even been above one of that sacrificial lamb 13 or lower seedings. My favorite event of the year is gone. I feel awful for schools that had their best team ever. I’m disappointed because this Baylor team is probably our best ever, but goddam does my heart hurt for those schools where the tournament isn’t a common thing. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend, whose Dad is an SDSU alum and already had tickets to the SDSU games.

Nice we Pack Em You Pop Em Cia Distribution Task Force Shirt

Going into these last few weeks he was all but assured of ending up as PSU’s all-time leading scorer. He only needed one more game to do it, but with the conference and NCAA tourney cancellations, he will finish 7 points shy of that. My dad has followed Dayton basketball for over 50 years (born there, went to UD). He has been losing his mind about this year, and I know he’s going to be crushed when he hears about this.

Nice we Pack Em You Pop Em Cia Distribution Task Force Shirt hoodie

This week, Greer had to buy navy blue t-shirts from Nevada, making them days later than she would normally get. Soon, she needed an extra-large and secure orange t-shirt, but couldn’t find one after looking through distributors nationwide. This situation usually frustrates her more than the customer, but Greer still wants everyone to know that the custom t-shirt shop owners are doing their best. We need a little sympathy here, she said. We try to work with people of color, but there’s only so much we can do. Shortages and delays are likely to continue into 2022 and are now made worse by another problem, Gold said. We are now entering peak shipping season, which for retailers is when they bring all their holiday merchandise for the fourth quarter, which is the holiday season, which will cause retailers to increase or discounts, Gold said. So a lot of companies are now trying to ramp up in peak season, which will further relieve congestion.

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