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You must not be from here then good, I wasn’t talking to you When you are a bully and it took 70 years to live out your dream of being in charge i guess this is how you act. Hought i was the You can’t scare me I’m work at Walgreens I’ve seen it all shirt Furthermore, I will do this only one who said that to his supporters. Stop calling the president the leader of the free world, those of us living in those free countries did NOT elect him, he is not our leader.







































































With our tax money may I addWhen you have to plead with the You can’t scare me I’m work at Walgreens I’ve seen it all shirt Furthermore, I will do this leader of the free world to protect us, something is critically wrong. It could only be an improvement I am pretty sure something else was stinking up the White House way before this guy started hawking beans. This is what happens when you decide to vote for a REALITY SHOW HOST to run the country.

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When there if thousands of protesters and rioters allowed in the Stormtrooper riding unicorn whale shirt Additionally,I will love this streets to destroy America they did and they are the reason for the second COVID out of control. Like he said, he could stand on 5th ave and shoot someone and get away with it. So in addition to possibly cooking the numbers, the WH is choosing to waste public funds paying for what CDC has done for years.









































































And for those wondering WHY sudden switch for reporting data going to HHS, I read that private company (name escapes me now) has contract to handle this data. Thank you, Chris Cuomo, for saying and showing the Stormtrooper riding unicorn whale shirt Additionally,I will love this frustration at least two thirds of Americans feel.

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This seems like something you would all be forThat’s a one way ticket buddy, once you there, you there She should stay there she choose to go Yeah of course, do it like fu*€ing isis do. This is the Skull and drumsticks drummer shirt besides I will buy this result that you are waiting for UK at its best yet again. Well let her stay at the judge house, I will have her watched 24 hours 7 days a weekISIS AIM TO KILL SOMEONE NO TO ENGLAND SHE MADE TO CHOICE ISIS AND THAT’S THE CONSEQUENCES.





































































hink all the Skull and drumsticks drummer shirt besides I will buy this slaves they kidnapped and forced should be given a chance to heal and return home or at least be freed, but when you choose to go. If you are going to willingly join a terrorist organisation and abandon your country you should have to stay therea class= data hovercard= ajax hovercard user. Don’t like to see this evenYeahhhh nahh, some girls did the same in my country and they have 2 choises return and be prossecuted has terrorists or not return at all.

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Finish and that will become a lesson for anyone that things they can just come and evil the Vogue Disney villains evil instyle shirt Furthermore, I will do this reputation of the English soil. The true English burn should do what they use to do before petrol inside her home letter box and light up. It may sound harsh but do they actually regret it, or is this a brilliant ploy.







































































I cant speak for the Vogue Disney villains evil instyle shirt Furthermore, I will do this UK, but i definitely don’t want the American (in the video) woman back here. Bring on the end of social distancingdo not let her come back i know what they do to people she will never stop thinking like a terroristDoes anyone know that how many husband she had or has. Yuhuuu What happens if she dont get it back leave her there she is a traitor to the crown and countryHopefully something will happen by accident.

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Sanders could win Michigan but it’s scary because the Veteran American Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind T-shirt suburban Democrat may do a protest stay at home vote. That group that I talk to feels very strongly against Bernie (I’m in that cohort and love Bernie but am only finding supporters among non college educated and some young voters). :Though Sanders could take the Trump swing voter in Michigan for sure. Sanders won our primary vs. HRC in 2016. I think Sanders/Bloomberg or Bloomberg/Sanders could be really interesting if they would ever agree to it and I believe that ticket could win Michigan. I’m not worried that they are 2 older Jewish guys, I think these 2 particular men could excite a lot of people around here (if they are together). I think Bloomberg/Buttigieg or the other way around could be a disaster because the Democrats might not get the Democrat minority vote… and I’m having a hard time seeing how that ticket excites non-educated voters… but maybe that gets enough Republicans/people who voted for Trump (though I worry our “bible belt” will not vote for a Jewish guy and a gay guy over Trump…. hopefully I’m wrong).

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I think Sanders/Yang or Bloomberg/Yang could win. Anyone who knows about Andrew Yang around here seems to like him. I find him so lovely in the debates and he is the only one talking about AI and “researching nuclear energy” and really helping people NOW who are already affected by climate change and globalization etc.; I read his book and think that anyone who reads it or understands his compassion for underemployed men, homemakers, disabled and the geographically unlucky (those of us in manufacturing states or those of us affected by climate change….) would be a fan. Unfortunately I do not think Elizabeth Warren can win Michigan (and I really like her). Reminds me of the HRC reaction around here; I could not talk people out of that one. Warren really bothers people I know (including Democrats and a lot of women, unfortunately); Bernie does too but he also seems to have more devoted fans than she does.


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I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have been asking a lot of people this same question. I’m really trying to figure this out too because I know Michigan could be a crucial swing state because Trump had a statistical tie with HRC (47% to 47% vs HRC; 4% were “other”)…. winning Michigan by 0.23% of the vote in 2016. Almost everyone I ask thinks he will win again, which I believe reflects what they are seeing in Michigan. While my college educated friends and family were excitedly watching the Pizza I’m Curry and I like it T-shirt impeachment vote, Trump seemed to trump the Democrats again with a huge rally in Battle Creek, Michigan … which many of my social media “friends” were “liking”. The people I know who voted for Trump are planning to vote for him again. This includes white educated business owners (mostly men, their wives may split the ticket); white non-college educated men, Indian Americans, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Catholics, many people I know with a gun etc. He annihilated HRC in Macomb County, widely considered “working class” and white and supposedly a “swing county”. He’s there all…. the …. time… its seems like. As are his kids.

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Some people voted for him but say they will not in 2020 and those few seem most bothered by his behavior and some say his refusal to acknowledge the science of climate change. I don’t think everyone is so impressed with the economy around her either (which I blame less on politicians and more on GM/Ford/Chrysler’s seeming inability to make cars that consumers actually want to buy). For those who say they “might not” vote for Trump again… I ask “so would you vote for Elizabeth Warren?” and people almost always say a strong “NO”…. same adamant “NO” for Biden (except some Baby Boomers who were going to vote for the Democrat anyway). I don’t hear anyone saying Warren or Biden would take their vote away from Trump.


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The Snoopy I Hate Morning People Shirt, Snoopy Morning and People T-shirt most positive “swing voter” responses seem to be regarding wanting to “learn more about Bloomberg” (the educated suburban voters I know) …. so I am starting to think Bloomberg could take Michigan Trump voters from him in a 2 way race… and I hear “I like Bernie” (less college educated …. the college educated around her seem to really dislike him)…and some interest in Andrew Yang from everyone who knows something about him. My most educated friends like Buttigieg by far the most, but those were people who were going to vote for the Democrat anyway (I have not talked to a single Trump voter who said they would vote for Buttigieg). I don’t understand the visceral negative reaction to Elizabeth Warren but it’s real around here (from Democrats….). Biden has made one too many gaffes and most I talk to say “he’s too old”…. but it seems like the Democrats I talk to would come out and vote for him if he is the nominee.

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It also seems that all of the young people I know will vote exactly as their parents do (only a few voting Democratic when their parents are voting Republican but those have moved to blue states). There is a group of kids I know from University of Michigan who live in blue states but have chosen to register to vote here …. so that could be interesting if that group really mobilizes (Trump’s 0.23% over HRC represented 10,704 votes and there are about 24,000 out of state students at University of Michigan… and a small sample size recently found 13% are Republican, 42% are Democratic and 25% are Independent).


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I did use RealClearPolitics a lot. It’s not because I favor them; rather it is because they are one of the only people actually polling now. Second, this is not a guarantee. So, Trump supporters, don’t start telling me that the I Just Want To Work In My Garden With My Chickens T-shirt polls screwed up in 2016. I know that, and I talked about the accuracy of polls earlier. And Biden supporters, don’t start congratulating me for being a smart person. I’m just looking at the data. Third, at the end of the day, we are all Americans. Every one of us, red or blue, is an American. You can disagree with their policies, you can dislike their character, but you should understand that the next President, whoever he is, has more in common with all of us than we know. Same goes for Trump now. I don’t like him. I’ll admit that. But I respect that he won. I respect the right of his supporters to support him. I may not like it, but they are entitled to their own opinions. That’s what open-minded means. And I’d hope that we ALL do that come 2021.

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One thing is certain though. Every eligible voter, Republican or Democrat, should vote in 2020. This ensures a completely fair election. So don’t be complacent. Get out and vote. I think it is still a little soon to know for sure. Normally, it would be a safe bet but Trump is anything but normal. I did an analysis a few weeks before the 2016 election, and predicted an Electoral College tie. I knew it wouldn’t happen that way, but it was enough to show me the professional pollsters were way off.


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Biden could win Michigan but most are very concerned about his ability to reach the finish line so I am hopeful the What The Fucculent Face Mask, Colorful Cactus Garden Washable Reusable Face Mask Democrats do not just anoint him like they did with HRC. If Biden would put Andrew Yang on the ticket, I think it would be super interesting too but I’m guessing he  will pick one of the moderates (Klobuchar or Harris) and I’m worried that will not excite “the base” or sway the “not always Republican Trump voter”. I have not heard much talk about Klobuchar but I think her debate performances get better and better. Hopefully I’m wrong on Biden if he is the nominee. It’s after all, a very small margin he would need to win by to get Michigan’s electoral votes from Trump. The baby boomer Michigan Democrats and “party people” who I speak to in Michigan have already decided on Biden. I sure hope that works and that he holds up if he’s the nominee.

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& an excited base is going to be key for the Democrats because we are also the only “swing state” with a Democrat Senator (Gary Peters) up for reelection and he is running against a charismatic African American man (from Detroit, went to West Point) who did quite well against Senator Stabenow last election so he has name recognition and the Michigan Republican party very much behind him. If the Michigan Democrats do not show up then not only does Trump likely win here, but Michigan could lose our Democratic Senator. What do other Michiganders or people who know Michigan think? Or do others have friends, family and work colleagues in Michigan and have you talked to them about this? Do you think Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden can beat Trump in Michigan?


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So, don’t expect Trump to be nimble as was Obama in strengthening financial reform and budgetary solutions. Trump lacks economic talent in his cabinet, or maybe they don’t care. Trump and GOP are deficit spending for “the wall” and military, and giving tax breaks during the wrong time in economic cycle—the peak of economic cycle—which is opposite to modern economic theory. Recall, that This isn’t Dog Hair it’s Pug Glitter Face Mask Obama tried, often against hostile idiot GOP Congress (ignorant Tea Party worries about huge government debt to be inherited by our great-grandchildren), to use budgetary spending and tax breaks to stimulate economic growth and get people working during downturn, from 2008 to 2012. Then Obama held taxation flat as economy grew and employment improved, even as Janet Yellen kept interest rates near zero. Obama wisely reduced deficit spending during second term, and by time Trump was elected there was a budget surplus. Trump and GOP blew that surplus on billionaire tax breaks, and now there’s nothing left to borrow against during next downturn.

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Pressure Trump puts on USA, China, Canada, Mexico, and Iran by unpredictable politically motivated trade and tariff war, introduces extra volatility to the world economy that Wall Street doesn’t like. So, between casino style business approach and having no depth in his bench of economic advisors, you can bet Trump will stumble USA into a recession same as GW Bush did. Second, there are any of a number of international and domestic crises Trump will face during next two years. With every Hurricane season, Global Climate Change pitches another few bowling balls down toward standing pins of urban cities. Sure, most are gutter balls, but some hit Trump base targets over and over again, making Trump more coal less solar energy policy look pretty stupid.