Mumtee-Cat Little Known Failure Pavlov’s T-shirt


Trump was born into money so he has always been able to pay for props, propaganda and protection. Cat Little Known Failure Pavlov’s T-shirt He may appear to prevail, but on closer inspection this guy is hanging on by the skin of his teeth. He is barely surviving.

Cat Little Known Failure Pavlov’s T-shirt

He is also running out of time and will only be able to spin his real defeats and losses into epic fantasy victories until he leaves office. Then everybody will deny knowing him, run for cover, hide or suffer horrible legal, emotional, reputational or financial humiliation. If the characters in Trump’s circle were plants or animals the White House daily diary would like tall tale or fable.


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What can you do to a billionaire who donates all his presidential salaries, Baby Yoda No One Fights Alone Breast Cancer T-shirt whose private jet is more luxurious than AF1, who is beholden to NO ONE, not even the Russians, who will have quite a comfortable life after his presidency?

Baby Yoda No One Fights Alone Breast Cancer T-shirt

You tried to investigate him, impeach him. You tried to get him on his $75 tax bill, comically, as it turns out, he merely exploited the legal loop holes career politicians of 47 years like Joe Biden had created, for their own millionaire buddies and families. Really, what can you do to a person who doesn’t give a rat’s about political correctness, who hits back twice as hard if you try to F with him. This will be his only and last political career, what can you do to him? This is why Trump will always trump his pathetic enemies.


Mumtee-I’m Mostly Peace Love and Light Personalized Face Mask


And this I’m Mostly Peace Love and Light Personalized Face Mask will reflect heavily on the arguments over Warren’s heritage and her gender, which will also play to Trump’s advantage.

I’m Mostly Peace Love and Light Personalized Face Mask

For, while Warren has never claimed to be a member of any tribe, Republicans have used the fact that she’s claimed to have some Native American ancestry at some point in her family tree as means to make it seem like she’s claiming tribal membership. In fact the recent DNA tests which technically would reinforce Warren’s claim has also been used by Trump to prove that she isn’t a Native American, which technically speaking are ALSO true. She has ancestry, yes, but not enough to claim membership in a tribe, which is the argument and definition that Trump and Republican opponents have used and will likely continue to use. And so long as Warren engages them on this… the more she will be identified with the Democratic Party’s base rather than its center It’s too soon to predict exactly what will happen. If Democrats take the House, Trump policy goes nowhere, and Trump cabinet members spend more time explaining why they spent taxpayer money on lavish personal expenses or a personal private phone booth inside their EPA office. Hamstrung by Women in Congress, Trump will begin to whine.


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And that Cardinals appear when angels are near Face Mask is going to raise issues and concerns regarding those in the Democratic field for 2020. There are around 20 candidates and nearly all of them are closer to the Democratic Party base than centrist Democrats. About the only one that has experience and could sell herself as a centrist would be Gillibrand…

Cardinals appear when angels are near Face Mask

BUT Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, and most of the rest of the Democratic candidates are far more closely tied to the Democratic Party base, which will put them in a hole should they win. O’Rourke’s ability to speak and build support for his message may overcome that potential hurdle… as he did make reliably Red Texas look rather Purple, but he still lost that election and would have to do better and then expand on it across more of the country. Third, Trump versus whoever Democratic standard bearer may be. Average voter doesn’t like Trump now, with economic downturn whatever patience voters have will vaporize, plus as Trump gets older, he faces same problem Reagan did, but he tweets a lot, and so any of a number of younger Democratic candidates will tear him apart, making him look even more like silly old man than he does now. The idea that there’s no talent in Democratic Party is ridiculous. There are dynamic men and women, of all races and creeds, running in the current midterm. Really inspiring candidates, like Beto and Oprah, who could easily take on Trump because Trump is so shallow and depends on lying and making up facts as he goes. Young talent will demoralize and demolish Trump.