Brett Drunk As Hull T Shirt guys V Neck Shirt

Brett Drunk As Hull T Shirt

Brett Drunk As Hull T Shirt

Declan was a stray adopted from the Brett Drunk As Hull T Shirt, Purrcy and Matisse were at a shelter 500 miles away for a month each and saw all their siblings get adopted without them before a rescue organization paid to fly them to my town, where I adopted them. Love my kitty boys! Simon’s Cat reminds me most of Matisse. He’s the craziest of the three but still very sweet. How lovely to hear about your “real cats ” . Cartoons are brilliant and so true to life ,I always have a good laugh with them so thank you and keep doing more .

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Simon’s Cat is a delightful series which could only be drawn by someone who actually loves cats and observes feline behavior. I live with five rescue cats and love seeing how frequently the cartoons are like my own experiences.  I always show Simon’s cat videos to my children. Nevertheless, they don’t need any kind of “inspiration” to be creative when it’s time to make some noise. Here there are, both adopted. Bowie is my younger (on the right), she’s one year-old. Mowgli is around 16. I took the picture last night, on my bed. Love Brett Drunk As Hull T Shirt. I don’t sleep very well without them around.


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