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Some Boxervengers Boxer version shirts have been charged, but investigators have not suggested any admissions people were involved in the scheme. Pretty much every published story I’ve read has spelled out that the schools were being scammed, too. Try reading an article about the subject in a legitimate newspaper before you speculate about how something went down.Or the courts may rule she truly isn’t guilty and those who took the plea get punished and she gets off free. They are doing something about the schools. I bet you get no jail time after no guilty plea when she seems the most guilty. Dawn Emerson How is it you think that the school would know that the SAT were fraudulent.

Men's T-Shirt front

Men's T-Shirt front

Obviously, it must have been heard through the grape vine that which schools the rich can bribe. There should be an investigation into schools that these people caught trying to bribe. Of course not, I think she should pay a hefty fine but not no jail time. I just think the prison system is already over crowded, and these people aren’t a threat to others. Such spoiled brats in our world today but that does not mean they are above the law. And if you are okay with breaking the law and getting away with it that shows exactly who YOU are. She can trade places with an 18 yr old brown kid in the pokey for a Boxervengers Boxer version shirt of weed. The school didn’t give up the money the parent did that was why it was illegals just dumb since we have crowded prisons, and now people want non violent criminals locked up for. Prosecute the schools for not doing their due diligence and checking these kids’ credentials or go after the people who helped them by taking SAT’s and preparing essays, etc. I think i know who the big fish are that you were referring too.

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