Boot Edge Edge Shirt

Boot Edge Edge Shirt

I was struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Moodiness, Pain, Hot Flashes, Anger, No Motivation and I had Lost my Zest for Life. I didn’t want to even be here Boot Edge Edge Shirt. Thank God for a friend who helped me change everything! No more of any of that and I have my Passion for life back! I actually feel like myself again for the first time in a Long time!  I suffered from anxiety for years and I overcame it with the power of my mind. I understood that while the physical symptoms were very real I was in control of the reactions. Here’s what I did I started talking to my anxiety and letting it know it wasn’t welcome anymore.

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I talked to that negative voice in my head and told it to GTFO of here. When my heart would begin to race I’d check my breathing and ground myself. Then I started with my triggers what was the source of these feelings why was I staying up all night to relive all my embarrassing moments. So I’d come to one and I say so what I made a mistake I won’t do that again I’d laugh at myself and make a Boot Edge Edge Shirt to be better. Now I just do check-ins and think of all the things that used to make me want to jump out of my skin and see if I still have that reaction. They no longer have that power over me and no longer suffer from anxiety. Laughter is the easiest way to change your frequency so watch a funny video or read some funny memes get out of that feeling and then examine it. It’s amazing what a little self-honesty and perseverance can do.

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