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My my my I will find you Joe Kenda and Carl Marino shirt

From the direction of the first film, it is probably not surprising that the second part details the villain and Pennywise is not an alien entity like in King's novels or miniseries in 1990. But "it" What exactly? Did he ever be a man like Kersh said, or did Kersh just end up being a [...]

Tháng Tám 19th, 2019|

My husband promised to love me in sickness and in health Mickey shirt

Lemmy Kilmister was born on December 24, 1945 as an English musician, singer and songwriter. He is known as the lead singer, bassist, original musician and founder of heavy metal Motorhead band. So far, Motorhead has released twenty studio albums and achieved 30 million sales worldwide. Their last record, Bad Magic, was released in August [...]

Tháng Tám 18th, 2019|

Happiness is watching The Golden Girls again shirt

Although involved in one of the most money-making series in the Hollywood capital, Paul has no flashy lifestyle or any scandal. On the contrary, in real life he is a quiet person who cares about his family and keeps doing charity. He has a 19-year-old daughter named Meadow with his once-girlfriend - Rebecca Soteros. Meadow [...]

Tháng Tám 18th, 2019|

Mr. Bean 29th Anniversary shirt

Slash we all know is a former member of Guns N 'Roses. Slash was born in Hampsted (London) on July 23, 1965 but grew up in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. His real name is Saul Hudson. His mother is black American and his father is white British. Both work in arts and entertainment. His mother designed clothes [...]

Tháng Tám 16th, 2019|

Some of us grew up listening to The Ramones the cool ones still do shirt

The history of The Beatles was officially recorded on July 6, 1957, when P. McCartney first met J. Lennon at a musical performance at Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool. P. McCartney was later invited to join J. Lennon's group and the two began writing their own songs for their performances. By the end of 1957, [...]

Tháng Tám 15th, 2019|

RABGAFBAN City Girls Act Up shirt

To completely destroy it, it must perform Ritual Chüd - a ritual to help performers enter the outer space of the universe and face its original - ie the deadly mass of light. Only by courageously looking at the light and defeating with will will the human being completely destroy this terrifying entity.   Mickey [...]

Tháng Tám 15th, 2019|

Warning no dumb asses within 50 feet shirt

Halloweentown leader, slim and polite Jack Skellington or Pumpkin King began to get tired of the old schedules. One of the classic animated films about Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the story of the character Jack Skellington, who is considered the king of Halloweentown village and also the soul of the Halloween ceremony. But [...]

Tháng Tám 14th, 2019|

Gaara and Shukaku shirt

Finally, the only girl of The Losers Club - Beverly (Sophia Lillis) - is probably the most pitiful. Beautiful, confident, at puberty, the young lady is always being talked about by friends, giving enough malicious rumors. But more painful, Beverly is also a pedophile victim of her own father. Bon Jovi 1983 2019 signature shirt [...]

Tháng Tám 13th, 2019|

ACDC 1973 2019 signature shirt

Stewart expressed his film plan: "I love making a movie, just for my children and grandchildren later." However, the project is currently producing a documentary similar to Martin Scorsese's Shine a light work on the Rolling Stones band still unable to start. The simple reason as Stewart explained is that he has not received any [...]

Tháng Tám 13th, 2019|

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus sanderson museum shirt

The charm of Saitama becoming a superhero starts with him saving a child from a monster. This gives him strength and makes Saitama realize he likes to be a hero. During the process of becoming a superhero, Saitama regularly saves innocent people from monsters. When doing good deeds, he also does not have a bad [...]

Tháng Tám 12th, 2019|